Back Pull out Designed Pump

Back pull out designed pump

Back Pull out Designed Pump


These series pumps are used for clean slightly contaminated non-aggressive liquid for Industry, Agriculture, Water supply, Irrigation, Drainage circulation of hot and cooling water in central heating and air conditioning plants, Pressure boosting units, Sprinkler system & Fire Fighting.

The Volute casing has integrally cast feet and axial suction vertical delivery Branch. The complete rotating unit can be withdrawn without disturbing the pipe work if a spacer coupling is used prime mover can be left untouched.

The whole ‘WR’ range is covered by three Bearing Pedestals. All pumps belonging to one Bearing Pedestal have identical shafts, Bearings, Shaft Sleeves and Impeller Nuts.

The Impeller is of shrouded design with back balancing vanes or hydraulically balanced by incorporating replaceable wearing Rings. Net positive suction head requirements (NPSHR) are generally low, thus allowing high suction lifts.

Available Series > 40WR, 50WR, 60WR, 80WR, 100WR, 120WR, 150WR & 200WR

Discharge Capacity up to > 30,000 LPM
Total working head up to > 100 MWC
Standard speed > 1000, 1480 & 2900 RPM
Pump Size (Suc x Dly) 50x40 – 250x200 MM-NB