Steam Jacketed Multi / Single Pump

Steam Jacketed Multi / Single Pump

Steam Jacketed Multi / Single Pump


BF Series pumps are specially designed for Boiler feed water services. These high pressure multistage pumps are distinguished by their high economic efficiency, safety in operation, simple construction, low maintenance cost and adaptability to various operating conditions.

Series BF has a unique feature that only one stuffing Box located at the suction side is provided, thereby eliminating the problem of sealing high pressure on the delivery side. It is a top suction end Discharge pump.

The axial thrust in this model is balanced by providing impeller Neck Ring on the back shroud of the Impeller of larger diameter than that of suction side and by relief holes drilled through the Impeller hubs. Residual thrust is absorbed by 3 No heavy duty Bearings.

This series pumps are also available with Steam Jacketing system for handling Coal –Tar and highly viscous fluids.

Available series > 40BF, 50BF, 80BF & 100BF

Discharge capacity up to 1000 LPM
Total working head up to 500 MWC
Standard Speed > 2900 RPM
Pump size (Suc x Dly) 40x50 – 125x100 MM-NB